What is ShowbizU?

We aim to empower storytellers by partnering with proven entertainment insiders to produce an online community where aspiring or current artists can learn, collaborate, and inspire each other.

We aligned a community of people who care about moving the industry forward, people who champion thoughtful discussions of ideas, and people who love incubation and creation.

Founded by the Tony Award-Winning Producers of Hair, Memphis and An American In Paris, Pamela Winslow Kashani and Tim Kashani. ShowbizU informs, empowers and virtually connects storytellers.ShowbizU continues to grow in phases. First, bringing interviews with industry luminaries. Then, expanding to bring learning paths and courses that further illuminate “how it’s made”. We strive to one day make ShowbizU the leading community for education and inspiration in the entertainment industry.We’re always looking for what the community thinks – Have something to say?

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Hi, I’m a Luminary! In its first stage ShowbizU will launch a social platform and Youtube channel where students will learn directly from the professionals, our luminaries, through recorded interviews and conversations. User feedback will help determine future content.


Lessons, Quizzes,and Feedback, Oh My! In its next stage, ShowbizU will add courses developed and/or taught by luminaries and industry insiders. Users will track their progress, take quizzes, and ask questions as they go along.


Put ‘er Ther, Partner! Finally, ShowbizU will expand by partnering with other entertainment entities to produce shared content and hold live events – think TED or TEDx. ShowbizU sponsored contests will also give users a chance for wider recognition.

Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith

Writer of Oceanborn

Pamela Winslow Kashani

Pamela Winslow Kashani

Apples and Oranges Arts Co-Founder

David Gallo

David Gallo

Scenic Designer

Charlie Sohne and Tim Rosser