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Survival in Showbiz: STOP and Smell the Roses

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  LABOR OF LOVE I generally spend about three hours a day working on my acting and even more since I began writing.  Then there’s marketing, updating my websites and resumes, writing, rewriting, and rewriting my rewrites. We chose a difficult business of incessant self-promotion and it’s hard to not…

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Starting Out in the New York City Dance World

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Moving to New York City to pursue a professional career seems overwhelming and intimidating to many dancers.   Here’s the truth: it does not have to be. When I made the big move, I immediately enrolled in Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester. This four-month program helps trained dancers transition into…

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Tip: Be a Triple Threat

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TIP OF THE WEEK: Be a Triple Threat: Luminary: Kenny Seymour    The much-loved term “triple threat” traditionally means an actor who can act, sing, AND dance, and it’s no surprise, those actors are usually more castable in the eyes of casting directors. But what about other areas of the…

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