Tip: Be a Triple Threat

By April 30, 2014tip of the week, Triple Threat


Be a Triple Threat:

Luminary: Kenny Seymour 


The much-loved term “triple threat” traditionally means an actor who can act, sing, AND dance, and it’s no surprise, those actors are usually more castable in the eyes of casting directors.

But what about other areas of the biz?

While you may not be an actor, it shouldn’t be a surprise that being a triple threat will get your further in your own discipline just in different ways. Music Director Kenny Seymour explains how music departments seek the triple threat:

“Just the same way when we sit behind the desk and we’re auditioning people for a show, you know, we want that triple threat.

We want the singer, the actor, the dancer.

In the music department, somewhat it’s the same.  A lot of the hats sometimes have to be worn by the same person.

Sometimes the music director has to be the copyist in a reading and he has to be theorchestrator and he has to be the arranger and he has to do the vocal arrangements.”


How can being the triple threat help you?

While you may excel in a certain area of your department, it is good to know the basics of the other areas of your department.

Think of it this way:

Someone is looking to collaborate with Person A (the triple threat) and Person B (the… single threat).  Which do you choose? Person A of course.

Music Department Director Kenny Seymour explains:

“Being familiar with all types of the jobs is so beneficial.  Especially in the developmental process; which eventually kind of puts you in place for when you get to the regional and then hopefully New York or internationally.”


What can you do today to become more of a triple threats in your field?


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